Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) sheets are extensively used for protection of liquid contamination, agricultural, industry, industrial projects. LDPE film act as a perfect line to prevent foreign material entering through ground water source as well as prevent seepage loss in water conservation projects.

Other Applications:

  • » Agriculture.
  • » Lining of Canal, reservoir, ponds.
  • » Lining of industrial effluent plant.
  • » Tunnels.
  • » Packaging and wrapping.
  • » Water roofing for terrace gardens.
  • » Concrete road and bridge.
  • » Steel plants etc.
  • » For protection of food grains, fertilizers, cotton, chemicals, cement, constructions and power plants

Properties of LDPE:

  • » Maruti LDPE film has excellent mechanical properties.
  • » Saves water seepage upto 60% of total quality of water available.
  • » It has a very low moisture/vapour transmission rate.
  • » Very good resistance against chemical and unaffected by bacterial or fungal growth.
  • » Very good resistance against ozone, oxidation, weather & water because polyethylene has a long chain of hydrocarbon which gives above properties
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